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The Incredible Work of George Chamoun

Modern meets classic. 

This is what I’ve been working on for the last three weeks. It’s the result of a workshop in Fine Arts with the theme “icons” (computer icons/celebrities/fashion icons/religious icons, etc).

I chose to work with movie icons from two different eras. This project has been a lot about ideals, patterns and anatomy. I named the project Iconatomy from the words “icon” and “anatomy.”

I have worked with a collage technique, but in a computer, which for me is a first. I am really pleased with the end product and I want to develop this concept further.

Edit: Two things people are wondering about that I thought I could make clear.
1. The pictures are not morphed in any way. What you see is a collage of two different people in each picture. Did it take me a long time to find the right pictures? Hell yes it did! :-)
2. People are commenting on the “comparison” I’m making with these pictures. About that, I just want to say that I am not comparing anything here. Sorry if you feel that your favourite actor or actress was “paired up” with someone you don’t like.

Thank you everyone for liking it so much, I’m really blown away by the feedback I’m getting!

Be sure to check out his work here.

Cool.  Gives me ideas.

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